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Kaymera Technologies Launches The World’s Most Advanced Mobile Cyber Defense Platform at Mobile World Congress 2015

BARCELONA, Spain, March. 2nd, 2015 – MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Kaymera Technologies, the world’s leader in mobile cyber-defense solutions announces Kaymera 360˚, the world’s most robust mobile cyber-defense platform for governments, enterprises and professionals, designed to protect against all mobile cyber-attacks and advanced mobile threats.

The rapid growth and vast adoption of smartphones continues to pose a severe threat to governments and enterprises who face a huge risk of exposure to malicious mobile attacks and the resulting theft of intellectual property and sensitive data which leads to enormous commercial damages and information leakage. The explosive rise in voice and data communication interceptions, mobile malware and targeted Trojan attacks, Man-In-The-Middle attacks in WiFi and GSM Networks, information stealing applications and stolen mobile devices, highlight the fact that smartphones serve as the ultimate intelligence gathering tools for hackers and cyber attackers, and emphasizes just how fragile and vulnerable modern smartphones have become.

Kaymera provides a comprehensive mobile cyber solution that perfectly balances high end, military grade mobile cyber defense techniques with a standard smartphone end user experience. The Kaymera 360° solution, provides an organization-centric, highly secure mobile communication and security management platform, while utilizing non-restricted, popular off-the-shelf high-end smartphones to ultimately provide highest protection with maximum functionality that is perfectly balanced by maintaining regular end-user smartphone experience.

Using Kaymera’s proprietary secure version of the Android OS and applying a multi-layered cyber-defense approach into the devices’ operating system and kernel level, Kaymera ensures the devices’ resources and information users generate and store on their devices, remain protected at all times even in face of targeted military-grade mobile cyber-attacks.

Four layers of defense were built into the Kaymera Secured OS: the Encryption layer – in charge of data-at-rest as well as data-in-motion sniffing-proof robust encryption, the Protection Layer – which protects against any attempt to penetrate the device via various available interfaces (GSM, Web session, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, etc.), the Prevention layer – which protects the device’s information as well as its various resources against any misuse by rogue applications or malicious code, and the Detection layer – in charge of detecting external threats and attacks in real-time (MITM in WiFi networks, rogue cellular towers within proximity, etc.) as well as any on-device or network based suspicious behaviors and anomalies., This layered protection approach effectively secures organizations and their end users from any form of voice and data interception, man-in-the-middle attacks over voice, text and email communications, targeted Trojan attacks as well as any infection caused by mass distribution of malware, sensitive data leakage by rogue applications, network or GPS based location tracking as well as any physical extraction of data from stolen/lost devices.

“We’ve created an all-in-one, holistic mobile cyber defense solution designed to defend against all types of advanced mobile cyber-attacks, hostile takeovers and applications misuse, and served in a usable and seamless form factor to ensure the perfect balance between security and usability and enable end user’s standard smartphone experience with maximum functionality.”, said Avi Rosen, Kaymera’s CEO and co-founder.
Kaymera 360° is a premium mobile security solution specifically designed to protect sensitive functions within organizations and enterprises who naturally require a higher level of security in comparison to the rest of the organization’s employees.

“C-level executives, senior VPs, Intellectual Property owners, members of the MNA, Finance and Legal teams, high profile projects leads and similar sensitive organization’s functions, usually require a higher level of security as they are at a higher level of risk of being targeted for advanced cyber-attacks.” Adds Rosen, “Protecting those assets mean protecting the entire organization. Most often, the existing BYOD, one-size-fits-all security that is in place is not equipped to effectively protect against all the threats the organization faces. This is exactly where Kaymera fits in – as a complementary mobile security solution to any BYOD structure the organization has decided to adopt.”

The solution ships with an organization level security management framework that can easily integrate with any third party Mobile Device Management system in place. This security management framework provides visibility into the organization’s overall security posture and risk level down to each device’s status in real time, and enables the enforcement of application level permissions, security protocols and risk based policies in addition to providing full device management and over-the-air secured updates (OTA).

About Kaymera Technologies:

Kaymera was founded by veterans in the cyber security industry with in-depth knowledge and expertise in mobile security and cyber-attack methods.