Kaymera Secure Device

Kaymera’s secure device high-end off the shelf device with a hardened operating system that ensures complete protection against all mobile threat and attack vectors.
Get the highest protection available without compromising on functionality or your smartphone experience. The best defense is laid out in layers. Kaymera deploys a unique four-layered defense approach to protect organizations and users from mobile security threats and data theft.


Powerful encryption mechanism covering both data at rest and data in motion. This mechanism thoroughly secures any information stored locally on mobile devices, and enables failsafe protection of all communication channels – voice, data and messaging – against any form of interception.


It’s your first line of defense and protects you from communication interception and data extraction threats while filtering out the vast majority of Trojan horse and malware types. It also protects against all device penetration vectors – virtual and physical, maintains the security of your data-at-rest and encrypts all communication types.


This is your second line of defense and it prevents access to sensitive device resources through a sophisticated resource permission process based on each app’s risk assessment and the resources required for proper functionality. The Prevention Layer prevents any unauthorized attempts to access any of your device’s resources or stored data.


And finally, Kaymera’s third line of defense monitors and detects malicious code, app misbehavior, surpassed risk level thresholds, data interception and extraction attacks. It then automatically actions countermeasures based on the device’s risk level and security posture.


Secure OS

  • Off-the-shelf high-end mobile devices
  • Data leakage prevention and protection framework
  • Device risk level and security posture monitoring
  • Full disk encryption
  • Physical extraction prevention

Application Security

  • Advanced application access control
  • Detect applications activities in the background
  • Allow specific app permissions and prevent PII permissions leakage

Secure Communication

  • Secure data connection over persistent VPN
  • Secure messaging and organization group messaging.
  • Secure voice communication between secured devices

Personal Security

  • Environment related attack detection in real-time
  • Robust Panic Mode functionality
  • Advanced incident response and alert framework.

Ultimate Usability

  • Enable a huge variety of apps
  • Secure communications are fully integrated in the native OS dialer / messenger
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