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There has been a lot of discussion in the world’s media recently about President Trump continuing to use a personal, unsecured Android mobile phone, especially to maintain his flow of regular Twitter messages.  This article in the UK’s Daily Telegraph highlighted research from Android Police which suggested that the President’s personal phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, a four-year-old device which hasn’t received software updates for two years – which means it has security vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers to access the device.

As the article points out, hackers can use known exploits to access all of the President’s communications on the device, including live camera, microphone and location feeds, without much difficulty.  All it takes is a simple tap on a malicious link in a message or on social media.

Of course, the President of the United States is not the only national leader to use an unsecured mobile:  the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s second smartphone, which she used for party political business, was surreptitiously hacked by international intelligence agencies a couple of years ago.

So how do you stop the mobile phones in your organization, and the data they hold, being targeted by criminal hackers?  Kaymera’s solutions build the strongest security ‘wall’ around devices:  we offer fully-hardened devices that offer the ultimate protection for the most demanding usage requirements, and software solutions that can be rolled out enterprise-wide on both corporate-owned and BYOD phones – all with easy, dashboard-based centralized management.

We are showcasing our solutions at RSA 2017, February 13 – 17 and at Mobile World Congress, 27 February – 2 March.  Come and visit us to discuss how to protect your organization’s mobile usage.

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