Kaymera’s CipherWatch, Adaptive Mobile Threat Defense solution, is a robust, enterprise-centric, risk-based, contextual and privacy aware mobile security solution that aims to perfectly balance mobility and productivity. CipherWatch utilizes three pillars to dynamically alleviate all mobile security risks; Detection, Augmentation, and Mitigation.


The powerful real-time threat detection leverages multiple detection techniques; network, device, application and behavioral anomalies to provide real-time alerts.

Network DetectorsMalicious App DetectionDevice Anomaly Detections
MITM (All variants: SSL Split, SSL Strip, ARP Spoofing)Known Malicious AppRoot Android / Jailbreak iOS
Rogue APUnknown & Repackaged AppsMalicious iOS Profile
Malicious SSL CertificateDevice Admin (Android)USB Debugging (Android)
Unencrypted Network TrafficRisky Leaky AppsThird-party App Stores (Android)
Unknown Sources / Third-party App StoresDevice Vulnerabilities Assessment
Physical Extraction Prevention


Looking at the context in which devices are being used, and assessing the potential security risks associated with those contexts, instead of blindly applying the same blanket security policies to every device in every use case. This contextual, risk-based security approach uses a range of indicators and data points to assign a risk profile for the device and user at any given time, in real time.

  • Organizational seniority
  • Exposure to sensitive corporate information
  • High risk territories
  • Organizational geo fencing
  • Sensitive meeting spaces
  • Device / Network connectivity
  • Special events
  • Sensitive meetings


The automated risk-based threat mitigation is a policy-based automated response that takes the detection indicators and the contextual information, to determine what action, if at all, shall be taken.

MitigationEMM ManagedUnmanaged (No MDM)CipherWatch
Revoke email access on serverYesYes
Revoke access to Enterprise Cloud dataYesYes
Delete malicious applicationYesguidedYes
Disconnect Wi-Fi connectionYesguidedYes
Secure communicationYesYes
Wipe device/containerYesYes
Enforce VPNYesYes
Revoke email access on deviceYesYes
Force PIN policyYesYes

CipherWatch can easily integrate with your existing MDM/EMM implementation and enhance it with additional sophisticated detection capabilities:


CipherWatch is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Google play
App Store

Cyber Command Center

Kaymera’s Cyber Command Centre Console is a powerful and versatile centralized management system. This system features a comprehensive set of tools, enabling continuous real-time monitoring of the organization’s mobile security posture and risk levels.

Command Screen
  • Monitor the entire organization devices risk posture
  • Risk-based policy engine
  • Manage Kaymera secure OS updates and OS security patches (OTA)
  • Setup mobile apps permissions policies
  • Create services usage statistics and mobile attacks reports
  • Integrate security alerts and risk information with SIEM EMM integration