Kaymera Technologies Showcases at MWC 2015

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Next month at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we are going to launch the most secure mobile defense system – Kaymera 360° solution!
We will be happy to schedule a meeting with you.

Our mission is to deliver secure smartphone experience for enterprises, governments and professionals.
It means that we deliver the highest mobile protection with maximum functionality.
The user keeps using his regular applications, messages and calls without changing or adding any adds-on, while his smartphone is fully encrypted and protected from any mobile security threats.


Kaymera is the leading mobile defense system that protects against all mobile threats:

Interception tactics such as rogue cellular towers that aim to function as an alternative GSM base stations or man-in-the-middle techniques used to invisibly sniff out WiFi and GSM traffic, leave organizations exposed to malicious voice, messaging and data based communication interception threats. In addition, mobile network operators who have the ability to monitor, intercept and record the entire mobile communication stream, serve as an additional dimension of data leakage and communication interception threat.

Smartphones are vulnerable to various attack patterns;
Rogue applications with user granted permissions that provide access to device data and resources, highly targeted Trojan attacks that are now commercially available and which operate undetected in the background as well as physical data extraction attack that enable the access and extraction of any locally stored data.

The weakest mobile security link is the human factor.
A mobile user will always choose convenience over data security. The main risk lies within the large amounts of user generated data stored locally on the device. Solely relying on the education and training of users to prevent mobile security threats is an approach bound to fail. Mobile security needs to be seamless, avoid restrictions and adapt itself to defend against evolving threats without relying on end user’s involvement or actions. By providing maximum Smartphone functionality together with seamless protection it is possible to contain the “Second Phone Syndrome” – a scenario in which a secured but highly restricted Smartphone is abandoned for a user friendly yet non-secured Smartphone alternatives.


A military grade system multi- layered defense approach

We offer a hardened smartphone device, backed by a multi-tiered, secured communication and content management infrastructure with the ability to detect, prevent and protect from a wide range of mobile threats.

Protects data-in-motion as well as data-at-rest.
Secures all forms of communication (voice, data, messaging) from interception of the communication channel (sniffing and MITM, passive and active). Secures information locally stored on the device.

Protects against device penetration techniques.
Effectively battles various penetration vectors exploiting web sessions, WiFi networks, Bluetooth communiction, USB interface, applications vulnerabilities, OS level vulnerabilities, etc. The protection layer blocks the vast majority of Trojan horses and malware types.
Prevents unauthorized/risky access to sensitive device resources and data, through a sophisticated and automated resource permission firewall which grants permissions based on a calculated reputation score, risk assessment and the resources required for proper functionality.



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