• Confidentia and Kaymera Partner to Deliver Secure Mobile Communications

Confidentia and Kaymera Partner to Deliver Secure Mobile Communications

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Monaco-based solution provider offers its customers Kaymera solutions, delivering military-grade mobile security without restricting usability or productivity

21 February 2017 – Kaymera Technology Ltd., the leader in mobile security for enterprises and Government organizations, has partnered with leading Monaco-based solutions provider Confidentia to deliver a complete secure mobile communications solution to its enterprise and public-sector customers.


The Confidentia solution uses Kaymera’s secured phones, which are based around fully-hardened versions of popular Android smartphones.  The secured phones feature a multi-tiered, secure infrastructure that protects the device, all data and communications against all types of mobile threat without compromising functionality or users’ experience.


The secured phones deliver the highest levels of mobile protection, while enabling users to continue using their preferred regular applications, messaging and call services.  The phones, data stored on them and all communications (voice, data and messaging) are fully encrypted, and the devices are protected against all types of external exploit attempts.


Confidentia also offers a range of secure services and data hosting in its Monaco-based Tier 3 data centers, covered by the principality’s unique protective regulations on confidentiality.


Avi Rosen, CEO of Kaymera said: “A recent Ponemon Institute study of Global 2000 companies found that 67% had experienced a breach from mobile devices, which shows how easy it is to access data or intercept communications from conventional smartphones.  Kaymera is committed to providing the strongest, most transparent security solutions to prevent mobile threats, and by working with forward-thinking partners like Confidentia, we can help customers to maximise mobile security and productivity.”


Jean Philippe Claret, General Director of Confidentia said: “Working with Kaymera, we can deliver military-grade protection to organizations that demand the most advanced, integrated mobile security, protecting against threats and communication interception while supporting a seamless user experience.  No other solution offers the depth of protection, ease of use and simplified management.”


Kaymera is the leading mobile defense system that protects against all mobile threats to devices, communications and users. The company takes selected high-end mobile devices (including Google’s Pixel), and applies Kaymera’s own hardened version of the Android operating system and its security architecture.  This comprises four layers to address each of the main mobile threat vectors:


  • The Encryption layer protects all data stored on the phone, and all traffic from and to the device, whether voice, data or messaging, from network sniffing and man-in-the-middle attacks
  • The Protection layer secures the device’s external interfaces, from WiFi, cellular, USB, NFC, Bluetooth to web, monitoring and blocking all malicious downloads and exploits
  • The Prevention layer monitors for unauthorized attempts to access OS functions, the microphone or camera, GPS and so on
  • The Detection and Enforcement layer monitors, detects and blocks malicious code or misbehaving apps
About Confidentia S.A.M.
Condidentia operates a number of carrier grade secure data centres in Monaco to safely store sensitive information.  The turnkey enterprise level secure environment with 24/7 protection, remote access, provides Confidentia clients with best in class security not normally available to individuals or smaller organisations.  Confidentia helps our clients with continuous training, penetration testing and audits.  This preparedness also includes improved access to insurance coverage and minimise the impact of any unforeseen compromises.  Tailored crisis response, disaster recovery and reputation recovery services are available to all Confidentia customers.