CipherBond is a secure communication app for iOS and Android that provides end-to-end encryption for voice, messaging and file sharing.


Calls between CipherBond or CipherFort users are fully authenticated and encrypted. The application provides seamless integration with the device dialer, so you can use regular phone numbers for making encrypted calls or send encrypted messages.

Secure Messaging

Employees are using instant messaging applications for daily use to communicate and share documentation with colleagues and customers, usually by using non-secured instant messaging applications. CipherBond provides a secure easy to use and easy to deploy application to secure employee’s chat communication. CipherBond supports sending and receiving of encrypted messages. The comprehensive encrypted messaging service supports a variety of messaging options, including sending and receiving secure text, documents, media and usage of encrypted self-destructing messages that leave no trace on the server, or the sending and receiving sides. Secured encrypted messages can either be sent peer-to-peer, leveraging the PKI cryptosystem in place, or use group messaging to create secured group conversations as part of the restricted communication network.

Private Communication

Use CipherBond mobile phone encryption in complete privacy. No user data or call logs are generated, collected or stored. Whom and when you are calling, and where you are calling from, is only known by the user. The CipherBond user can also activate Private Mode when making a semi-secure call, thus hiding their caller ID.


  • Military-grade end-to-end encrypted voice and text communications
  • Easy to use interface
  • Secure conference calls
  • Semi-secure calls with non-Kaymera users
  • Anonymous and private communications
  • Full integration with the user device existing contact list
  • Support enterprise address book; a separate list of secure contacts
  • Global coverage — WiFi, GSM
  • Secure document sharing
  • Secure media and file sharing
  • Secure group messaging

CipherBond is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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App Store

Cyber Command Center

Kaymera’s Cyber Command Centre Console is a powerful and versatile centralized management system. This system features a comprehensive set of tools, enabling continuous real-time monitoring of the organization’s mobile security posture and risk levels.

Command Screen
  • Monitor the entire organization devices risk posture
  • Risk-based policy engine
  • Manage Kaymera secure OS updates and OS security patches (OTA)
  • Setup mobile apps permissions policies
  • Create services usage statistics and mobile attacks reports
  • Integrate security alerts and risk information with SIEM EMM integration